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Embedding VUVOX

Page history last edited by Laura Stemler 9 years, 7 months ago

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To insert VUVOX into your wiki:

  • Go to your vuvox projects (You get there when you log in or by clicking on the My Stuff tab) and click on the collage you wish to share.
  • SHARE, will be listed on the bottom right corner of the preview box on the right of the screen

  • When you click SHARE, some options will appear


  • Click "Embed to blog or personal site" and these next options will appear:


  1. The first option will have a still image of your vovox and when you click on it, viewers will be sent to your vuvox website.
  2. The second option allows your vuvox to be embedded into your wiki page in a small screen.  Viewers will be able to interact with your vuvox with this option.
  3. The third and last option allows you to insert your vuvox into the page but the vuvox takes up the entire width of your wiki, remaining the same height as the second option. (I would suggest using this option)
  • To get the code click on the option then hover your mouse over the code that appears in the box below the options.  It will say Click to Copy.  Click on the code and it will copy.
  • Go to the wiki page where you want to put this code and Edit the page.
  • Click on the Insert button, the drop down menu will appear, in the menu click on <> HTML/JavaScript


  • Paste the code into the box that appears (it will say Enter code here:) and click Next, on the next screen click Insert Plugin
  • A green box will appear on your page (this will only be viewable on the edit page) now click Save and your VUVOX will appear on your Wiki


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