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Seedfolks                                                            Name_______________________________



Web Quest


Directions:  We will be reading a novella titled Seedfolks when you return from Spring Break.  The book is a collection of vignettes allowing the reader to get to know several characters as they take part in an urban garden.  They all come from different backgrounds and have different reasons for planting the things that they plant.  Click on the hyperlinks below and answer the questions to help you gain an appropriate background for Paul Fleischman’s masterpiece.

  1. Two major concepts in the novel are listed below.  Define each:


Urban agriculture:

  1. Can gardening act as therapy?  What is therapeutic gardening?
    1. How can a person benefit from it?
    2. Explain how it can effect human relations?
    3. Click here to find a list of places where this exists.  List three locations:
  1. One can save quite a bit of money by eating from his/her own garden. What were the Victory Gardens of WWII?
    1. How many gardens were planted?
    2. These gardens accounted for _______% of vegetables in the U.S.
    3. How much money was saved as a result of the gardens?
  2. Maricela, a character from the book, is Mexican.  Foods are different based on different cultures/parts of the world.  We could research many different cultures and coordinating foods.  Go to the food and culture page, and click on Mexico.  Answer the following about Mexican food.
    1. What foods resulted from the Indian tribes that originally came from Asia?
    2. When Cortes from Spain came to conquer the land, what foods does he leave behind?
    3. List a few Mexican specialties.
  3. Our names may say a lot about us.  Go to this page and research the meaning of your first name.  See if you find anything interesting regarding meaning.  Write it here.
  1. Many of the characters in the book had immigrated to the U.S.  What is immigration?


    1. What country accepts more legal immigrants as permanent residents more than any other country of the world?
    2. How many immigrants were accepted to that country as of 2006?
  1. Let’s look up the origin and history of a particular crop in the book:  tomatoes 
    1. What does the word “xitomatl” mean?
    2. How did the Aztecs prepare tomotoes?
    3. What is the origin of the tomato?
    4. With what poisonous plan was the tomato often confused?
  2. Read the essay about Seedfolks by the author, Paul Fleischman.
    1. Fleischman got the idea for Seedfolks while reading a news article about gardening as ________________.
    2. The author did research on soil and cabbage family diseases, but decided to “bag it” and concentrate more on ___________________.
    3. Fleischman went to bus stops and checkouts to initiate friendly conversation like which character in the book? ______________________
    4. Although the author had a nice family upbringing, he feels he missed out on something.  What?

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