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Cockeysville Middle School Library Information Center


Social Studies Sites


Decades of the 20th Century






SIRS Decades - free trial - password - click on Sirs and then down to SIRS Decades

 BCPS Fee-Based Databases - try History Reference Center and SIRS


General Sites covering multiple decades


Decade By Decade

Writer's Dreamtools - History by Decades

InfoPlease Almanac: History and Government (scroll to Year by Year 1900-2005 and choose a year)

Yahoo: Arts: Humanities: History: History: US History: 20th Century (Covers only 1930's to 1990's)

World History - HyperHistory Online: 1791 to 2000 (Click on the "Events" button on the left, then select the time period on the right)

The History Channel (On left, choose History of the World Timeline Select Century - on next page, choose Select Century and choose century, decade and year)

Library of Congress - American Memory - original documents and pictures - can search by year

1900­1999 (A.D.) World History

Fads & Fashions - Decade by Decade at top

Century in Shoes

Twentieth Century Inventions 1900 - 1925

Architecture and Interior Design - Click on Browse by Subject on left

Timeline Sites

History of Science and Technology: A Timeline (covers from 2725 B. C. - 1997 )

Two-Lane Roads: Automobile History Timeline (covers 1900 - 1966 with links to other auto sites)

Impact of the Automobile on the Twentieth Century (covers 1896 - 1996)

Environmental History Timeline (covers from 1200 B. C. to the present)

Fourth Estate Audio: Top Ten Songs of Any Year (covers 1940 - 2004)

Historical Inventors and Inventions Index (variety of years)

The Presidents of the United States (dates listed indicate each president's term in office)

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