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Environmental Showcase

Research Organizer Due by April 9th

  1. Background Info: A scientific explanation of something you have studied in science related to your environmental issue. This section may be enhanced with informational diagrams that help depict any scientific processes associated with the environmental issue.























































  1. Explanation: An explanation of your environmental issue and any interesting facts/useful information that helps depicts the significance of the issue.

  1. What are the causes of this environmental issue?

























































  1. What are the effects of this environmental issue? Think about the effects on the environment (abiotic and biotic factors) and on humans.











































  1. What are the potential impacts of this environmental issue in the future if changes aren’t made?
















  1. Solutions: A synopsis of possible solutions for the environmental issue

  1. What has been done to help this environmental issue and have our efforts helped?






















  1. What more can be done help this solution?

















  1. What can I do as individual to help? (this will lead to your action!)




















  1. Additional Information: What else is important to know in order to understand why this environmental issue? What additional information do you need to develop your action plan?

























































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