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03-Critical Introduction Performance Assessment (2)

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Performance Assessment – Overview


Critical Introduction to Jack London


You have been asked by the editors of Glencoe Literature to write a Critical Introduction to Jack London for one of their units in an anthology. In a critical introduction, one must include the experiences of the author’s life and how they relate to the themes within the authors works of literature.


You will need to research the life of Jack London.  In researching, you will need to identify experiences that Jack London endured and examine how those experiences are portrayed in his writing.  In the critical introduction, be sure to include how Jack London uses literary naturalism.  You will also need to examine the main themes in his works including; relationships, survival, civilization, nature, and elemental conflict.      


Be sure to include information that is both reliable and accurate about Jack London’s life.  Your composition should consist of multiple passages from Jack London’s texts to support your research.  Keep in mind voice and word choice, to ensure that the end product reflects you as a writer.




(This assignment is an introduction to the Literary Research Project/essay that will be composed in Grade 7 GT English.)



     Unit Concepts:



          Elemental Conflict





     Unit Principles:

          Relationships determine survival

          Nature is indifferent to civilization

          Survival involves elemental conflict


     Unit Essential Questions:

How do man’s relationships determine survival?

Why is elemental conflict a necessary component for survival?

How does nature demonstrate its indifference to civilization?


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