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Handout - Be a Museum Curator

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Be a Museum Curator!

As part of the unit, Making Cultural Connections: Connecting Experiences across Cultures, you will research a culture in order to create a museum exhibit with artifacts that fully represent a culture.

Before you begin to develop your museum, think about:

  • The different stories you have read so far. What culture interests you most? Why?

  • What kind of information would you use to fully represent a culture? (clothing, art, government, etc.)

  • What is the purpose of visiting a museum?

  • How would you compare a museum to a virtual museum that you visit online?

  • What information do you need to include in a virtual museum?

Now it’s time to design a museum!

When you have finished your research, create an exhibit in your museum that is both interesting and relative to your culture.

In your museum, be sure to:

  • Include at least five cultural artifacts that represent an aspect of your culture.

  • Include a brief description about your artifact and its relevance, or importance, to the culture (3-5 sentences).

  • Give credit to the sources from which you gathered information in MLA format.

  • Represent each artifact visually (short movie clips or pictures).

Organize your thoughts and have few grammatical, spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors.


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